Pdc is a partner of your business,

not just another consumer of your revenue.


1: Discovery

The foundation of any studio to client relationship is trust. This is why before pen ever hits paper, our goal is to take adequate time to get to know and learn from the most essential piece of your entire brand – YOU. The backbone of your brand will carefully be crafted with your ideas, personality and values in mind. Our team is committed to finding the right creative solutions for your unique needs. We pride ourselves on being a partner of your business and not just another vendor.


2: brand Strategy

Your brand is far more than a slick logo or color palette, it's a promise of quality from you to the people you intend to reach. Your brand is also telling a story to every single person that it crosses paths with; the question is, what story is it telling? What are your potential customers, viewers, and future stakeholders walking away with when they come face to face with your brand? Through strategic positioning we’re able to distinguish your business from others in the industry. Communicating clearly to your target audience and presenting your product or service with excellence is our highest priority. We are investors in your business and not collectors of your revenue; when you win, we win! It’s just that simple.


3: Design

The time to start pushing pixels only comes after we’ve done our homework and truly understand what our goal is based on the discovery conversation and strategy meeting. This is the part where you can take it easy and allow us to sweat the details for you. Our team will send you a PDF proof showing you what our suggested design is along with any notes from the designer. Upon your approval, we will begin saving files to deliver them to you directly or helping you upload them straight to the website of your choice for print.


4: Done

And just like that your brand will be stronger than ever! Our team will provide you with all of the necessary files that you might need going forward and will continue to be here as a resource for you in the days, months and years to come. Our hope as a design studio has never been to offer a one time service so if at any point along the way you need some assistance or advice with your new brand, please don’t hesitate to reach out.